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Custom t-shirt is how you allow your customers to create shirts with custom design. They can use their own design or they ask you to design t-shirt based on specific requirements. Custom t-shirts are very common for organization or group of people who want to create uniform for their workers or their members. Uniform will distinguish workers or members from ordinary people. Some companies also use custom t-shirts as their promotional products with company logo on the t-shirt. T-shirt is good as promotional product since it is functional and affordable. Giving promotional products to customers will help company build the company branding.

When you provide custom t-shirts for business, organization, or group of people, you can gain big profit since they commonly make order for more than one piece and even a lot of t-shirts if the purpose is for promotional product. Although you only take a small profit from one piece, if the order is in bulk, the total profit will be big. Even more, you can save the production cost if you create many t-shirts in the same design at once. If you continuously get the order for custom t-shirts in bulk, you can easily be rich.

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Let Your Customers Create a T-Shirt Online

If you want to have t-shirt business, you must able to create cool design. However, for many people, they will feel different satisfaction if they can design their own t-shirt. In some cases, some people may love your design so much but they want to add a little touch to make it different or we commonly call it personalized. In order to make all customers happy, you need to let them create a t shirt (design only in this case) themselves. Since we are now living in online world, it will be better if you can let them design the t-shirt online.

To do it, you need to provide design lab on your website where your customer can design t-shirt with ease on their browser. Of course, it will be a hard work and cost you much to be able to provide a design lab on your website but the people will love it and come to your website to design their own t-shirt and then make an order. If you could satisfy one customer, he or she will recommend your business to friends and family that will bring more customers. The cost to create the system will be paid off by having so many orders.

On your design lab, you need to provide templates for your customers so people who only have limited skill will easily design their own t-shirt. You need to provide various arts, color options, and font types so people will have more options to make their design unique. Be sure the preview of the design is good so the result of the t-shirt will be the same or only slightly different from the preview. Since some customers may find problem in designing t-shirt,

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