Custom t-shirt is how you allow your customers to create shirts with custom design. They can use their own design or they ask you to design t-shirt based on specific requirements. Custom t-shirts are very common for organization or group of people who want to create uniform for their workers or their members. Uniform will distinguish workers or members from ordinary people. Some companies also use custom t-shirts as their promotional products with company logo on the t-shirt. T-shirt is good as promotional product since it is functional and affordable. Giving promotional products to customers will help company build the company branding.

When you provide custom t-shirts for business, organization, or group of people, you can gain big profit since they commonly make order for more than one piece and even a lot of t-shirts if the purpose is for promotional product. Although you only take a small profit from one piece, if the order is in bulk, the total profit will be big. Even more, you can save the production cost if you create many t-shirts in the same design at once. If you continuously get the order for custom t-shirts in bulk, you can easily be rich.

However, custom t-shirts are not limited for group of people or organization only. T-shirt is casual clothing that almost everyone has it on his or her closet. For young people, t-shirt is daily clothing. For them, unique design is very important and considered as fashionable. Since people need unique design, you can offer custom t-shirt for individual order. The customers, especially young people will love it since they can create their own t-shirt with their own art and text. Offering individual custom t-shirt will be your advantages that make your custom t shirt business different from others who only receive order above the minimum amount.

Since the cost to produce only one custom t-shirt is higher than the cost of bulk production, you can set different prices for individual t-shirt and bulk t-shirt. For bulk custom t-shirt, you can offer a special discount to your customers. People who only order one t-shirt will understand if they need to pay more since it is very common that wholesaler price will be lower than the retail price. Even more, it will be a good marketing strategy since people will love to see discounted prices. To make it more attractive, you can give more service for bulk order such as more color options and product bonus.