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How to market your t-shirt printing business

How to market your t-shirt printing business.

Your t-shirt printing business is now up and running. Now, the ultimate goal of your business is to sell as many t-shirts to as many customers possible.  You should have knowledge on how to reach out and connect with as many people in order to promote your business. Here are ways of promoting your t-shirt printing business.

  1. Website. Online presence is a very big factor for businesses when everything you need can be searched and bought online. It is a must that you have website where you can use as your online store where people can buy your merchandize. You can also create blogs and write about the good qualities of your products and why they should buy from you.
  2. Social Media. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkIn, etc., keep people connected and updated 24 hours a day. People use these social media to talk about anything that caught their interest. Businesses have been capitalizing on this phenomenon to their advantage by pitching advertisements about their products. You can reach out to a lot of potential customers by using these social media to promote your business.
  3. Research. Are you targeting certain groups in terms of age, occupation, lifestyle, etc.? Then do some research on what are their interest in terms of fashion. You should also be updated of what is new, what is hot and what is not and what kinds of designs your target audience is looking for.  You should also keep in touch with organizations who require printing of t-shirts for certain events or cause.

The best way to promote your t-shirt printing business is to give free stuff. Yes, people love free stuff. And if it takes a free shirt to make a person your customer for life, then you are a winner. Giving away free stuff should not really be free. You should at least get something in return. The purpose of giving free stuff is to make your brand or business known to as many possible customers. Create a promotion for free stuff whereby those who participate will have to provide you their email addresses or contact numbers and agree that you can contact them for promotional purposes. That way you will be able to build customer database for future promotions and advertisements.

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Three Keys to Success in T-shirt Business

Clothing business has always been a billion dollar industry. Why? Because everyone wears t-shirt from infancy until old age.

T-shirt business can be a great source of financial success. It doesn’t mean, however, that success is 100% guaranteed and it happens overnight. You should be aware that T-shirt business is a very old industry where big corporations have already deep entrenched customer base. So if you want to pursue this line of business, you should be aware that you will be trading blows with the big boys in the industry.

It may seem a daunting task to new and small incoming t-shirt business but there have been lot of success stories in this industry. Everything boils down to passion, persistence and the determination to succeed.

Here are three keys to make your t-shirt business successful.

  1. Quality. A satisfied customer will always be your customer. You can fool a customer once and that’s the end of it. Make a customer a fan of your t-shirt and the price will no longer matter. This is how old clothing companies increased and maintained their customers. They made their customers loyal followers.
  2. Design. Why do people like to have custom made t-shirts? They want to make statement with their shirts. There are customers who provide their own design.  Most of the time, however, they will just choose from your catalogue of designs. If you have a design that captures their fancy, then you are a winner. The last thing a customer would want is to see in your catalogue a copy of t-shirt design found in retail stores.
  3. Brand. A brand is much more than just a name. It speaks of what the business it was named after. So if your t-shirt business offers high quality materials and great designs, then that is what your brand stands for. If you can create a brand and associate positive characteristics with it, then you are on your way to success.

These are just the fundamental factors that would determine if you are doing your business the right way.  These three factors should already be present at the commencement of your business activities. The absence of any of these three factors will not necessarily mean your business will go under but financial success may prove difficult to achieve and business expansion may take longer or none at all.

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Checklist when starting a t-shirt printing business

Like any other business ventures, knowledge of the T-shirt printing business is a must if you want to succeed in this endeavor. It is also recommended that you have a hands-on experience about T-shirt printing, some fashion sense and a keen eye for artistic designs.

Here is a checklist of basic requirements to get your T-shirt printing business up and running.

  1. Know your merchandize. Make your self an authority of the product that you sell. Get to know well and master your merchandize and all its types and variations if any. You should know by now that there are various types of fabrics used in clothing industry. Knowing them all is an advantage for your business.
  2.  Procure your equipment. Printing used to be dominated by big businesses with deep pockets. But with the advance in technology, cheap printers were made available to individuals. You can also enter into contract with a silk screen business to do the printing for you. Make some calculations as to which method saves you money.
  3.  Open supply and distribution lines. Contact suppliers and select the one who offers the best price and quality. You should also have a plan on how and where to sell your merchandize. Opening a physical store is good but online stores dramatically reduce your overhead expenses by more than half. With the popularity of online shopping, website for your merchandize is a must.
  4.  Offer wide selection of designs. Know what is the fad at certain times and ride with it. But you must offer unique designs as well to keep your bases covered.
  5.  Set up variety of payment methods. With your physical store, cash and credit card payments would be good. With your online store, cash payment method is obviously difficult to implement. You can replace cash payment with paypal or another form of online payment. That way, there would be less reason for not buying online.
  6.  Open a shipping account. Sold merchandize online needs to be shipped quickly. You should contact various shipping companies and select the one that gives you the best service and rate.

These are some of the basic and general requirements to help you make your business take off. Of course, launching a business is just the beginning. There are other things that you need to do if you are to make your business profitable. Those business strategies will be covered in the next blog.

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How to Start T Shirt Printing Business Easily

You can start t shirt printing business in simple ways. Many people are interested in having a small company that they can run in leisure time. The business will never collapse even though the financial crisis occurs. T-shirt is considered as one of the important commodities among people. With the right price, you will never lose customers. T-shirt can be used in daily activities. It is comfortable, casual and trendy. Even though your customers only have little amount of wage, they will never forget to find out the cheap t-shirt to keep them fashionable. It is the right to start your own t shirt business. You need to make a plan before you sell the products in brick and mortar or online shop. The first plan is what you want to say through the t-shirt. T-shirt is not only a cloth fabric that you wear every day. It can be used to convey your message.

You need to make the design unique, new and fresh. Gain more ideas when it comes about the selection of themes, images, and creativity. You can turn the t-shirt as a pop culture phenomenon to convey various political messages or funny ideas. You can start t shirt printing business by using the right tool to convey the themes and images on a t-shirt. The printing process can be conducted in various ways. As a new kicker, you need to educate yourself about the right tools and methods to convey the images on the surface of the t-shirt. Some printing methods used by most business owners include applique, airbrush, screen printing, embroidery, and hand painting, resist-dying and iron-on. Pick the method that you like most. It will be better to choose the simplest and most effective ones if you are involved with this business. You need to think more on the profit.

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Earned More Attractive Profits From Business T-shirt Printing

Selling T-shirts seems to be an easy way to get some cash. You can shop for the T-shirts in bulk at wholesale prices and sell them back to the market with the retail prices. The margin between is the earned profit. However, the fact shows that it is not easy to earn the profit because the designs of the T-shirt you sell may be out of date. It is tough then to attract buyers to shop. Why do not you look for another business idea? Selling T-shirts is boring and the profits obtained are not too attractive.

You can do business t shirt printing. It is a popular money making idea run by young entrepreneurs nowadays. This kind of business has gained its popularity because of many benefits offered to almost everyone. Customers or T-shirt lovers can always find fresh designed clothing items to wear at different occasions. Business owners can also utilize the printing service to get creative promotional merchandises. Because T-shirts are worn by many people, the printing business won’t ever come to an end. Of course, the graphic skills are needed if you want to make money from this business. Though you have lack of it, you can simply utilize user-friendly designing tools or look for someone who has the skills to collaborate with. Besides, you need to know possible printing methods as follows:

  • Heat transfer printing

It is the most popular method used in T-shirt printing business. It is done by transferring the heat when pressing a photo or design on

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