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Checklist when starting a t-shirt printing business

Like any other business ventures, knowledge of the T-shirt printing business is a must if you want to succeed in this endeavor. It is also recommended that you have a hands-on experience about T-shirt printing, some fashion sense and a keen eye for artistic designs.

Here is a checklist of basic requirements to get your T-shirt printing business up and running.

  1. Know your merchandize. Make your self an authority of the product that you sell. Get to know well and master your merchandize and all its types and variations if any. You should know by now that there are various types of fabrics used in clothing industry. Knowing them all is an advantage for your business.
  2.  Procure your equipment. Printing used to be dominated by big businesses with deep pockets. But with the advance in technology, cheap printers were made available to individuals. You can also enter into contract with a silk screen business to do the printing for you. Make some calculations as to which method saves you money.
  3.  Open supply and distribution lines. Contact suppliers and select the one who offers the best price and quality. You should also have a plan on how and where to sell your merchandize. Opening a physical store is good but online stores dramatically reduce your overhead expenses by more than half. With the popularity of online shopping, website for your merchandize is a must.
  4.  Offer wide selection of designs. Know what is the fad at certain times and ride with it. But you must offer unique designs as well to keep your bases covered.
  5.  Set up variety of payment methods. With your physical store, cash and credit card payments would be good. With your online store, cash payment method is obviously difficult to implement. You can replace cash payment with paypal or another form of online payment. That way, there would be less reason for not buying online.
  6.  Open a shipping account. Sold merchandize online needs to be shipped quickly. You should contact various shipping companies and select the one that gives you the best service and rate.

These are some of the basic and general requirements to help you make your business take off. Of course, launching a business is just the beginning. There are other things that you need to do if you are to make your business profitable. Those business strategies will be covered in the next blog.

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Starting an Online T Shirt Business with Successful Ways

Your brick and mortar shop can obtain more profit when you decide to go online. Starting an online t shirt business is not complicated. This is the best way to invest more money. You can expand the business to reach more customers. Compared to the brick and mortar shops which can only attract the customers in the neighborhood, you can reach the customers from Russia, China, Thailand, Europe, and Asia if you have an official website. Starting t shirt business is easy if you ask a help from a good programmer. Some people face difficulties when they have to make a website. You just have to ask a professional programmer to make an official website to increase the printing business.

You can tell them the theme used in the website as well as your favorite template. Almost everyone on earth has at least one t-shirt. What about you? How many t-shirt do you have in the dresser? T-shirt is fashionable clothing which can make you comfortable when wearing it. It can be used as a self-expression through the special images and words applied on the blank t-shirt. Most people think that starting t shirt business is too complex. It is not true. The heat transfer can be done easily. You can use computer to transfer the heat. You need to be careful when you transfer the heat into the dark blank t-shirt. Most people do not successfully transfer the image. It looks blur and broken. If you are confused on how to operate the tools in the printing process, you need to get more information about it. Do a research by watching videos and read eBooks about printing process.

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Simple Tips on How to Start A T Shirt Business

To gain extra money, you can learn on how to start a t shirt business.  Selling a t-shirt online is more profitable that selling at-shirt in brick and mortar shop.  You need to know the rules of marketing in online business.  The techniques are easy to study. You just have to ready giving your leisure time to develop the business.  You can ask some advices from other people on how to start an online t shirt business. The first thing that you should do is searching the right supplier. There are many t-shirt suppliers on the internet. You can contact some of them to make a comparison shopping.   Think about the payment first. Some suppliers can perform shop hipping basis. It means that you can get a profit when you can sell a t-shirt from the supplier. Or you can pay the stock that you can resell. The system depends on the deal between you and the supplier.

The next thing to concern on how to start a t shirt business is getting the product to sell. It can force you to spend a lot of cash. You need to make a custom text and logo to differentiate your online shops with others. Setting the online shop should be involved with payment portal, shopping cart, auto responder and website. If you do not want to spend a lot of money with an online website setting, you can contact a t-shirt online provider. You just have to learn on how to operate the website because the t-shirt online provider has installed all elements.

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Let Your Customers Create a T-Shirt Online

If you want to have t-shirt business, you must able to create cool design. However, for many people, they will feel different satisfaction if they can design their own t-shirt. In some cases, some people may love your design so much but they want to add a little touch to make it different or we commonly call it personalized. In order to make all customers happy, you need to let them create a t shirt (design only in this case) themselves. Since we are now living in online world, it will be better if you can let them design the t-shirt online.

To do it, you need to provide design lab on your website where your customer can design t-shirt with ease on their browser. Of course, it will be a hard work and cost you much to be able to provide a design lab on your website but the people will love it and come to your website to design their own t-shirt and then make an order. If you could satisfy one customer, he or she will recommend your business to friends and family that will bring more customers. The cost to create the system will be paid off by having so many orders.

On your design lab, you need to provide templates for your customers so people who only have limited skill will easily design their own t-shirt. You need to provide various arts, color options, and font types so people will have more options to make their design unique. Be sure the preview of the design is good so the result of the t-shirt will be the same or only slightly different from the preview. Since some customers may find problem in designing t-shirt,

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