Three Popular Methods on T-shirt Printing Business

Are you interested in entering the clothing line industry? If you are a designer, you can design many fashionable items under your own brand. Of course, creativity is the main and essential investment to have first. Combined with passion and talent, you can be a famous designer. However, being a designer is not the only way to play around in the clothing line industry. You can be a T-shirt seller. Selling casual wearing item like this is simple. You can buy the T-shirts in bulk and display it at your store. Or you can do the designing and printing to on blank T-shirts to create your own clothing brand.

There are many people who have owned t shirt press business. Some of them are successful and able to gain unbeatable profits earning. But others have to stop operating because of some factors. You may also feel unconfident at first. In fact, running this business is easy. You just need to enrich your knowledge about it. It does not even matter if you have no ability to design and print the T-shirt. There are many companies offering this specialty to let everyone become instant entrepreneur with ease. It is also just fine to do all things alone. You can learn how to design or ask a designer to be your partner. The printing is quite easy. You just need suitable equipment to run the right method to print the design. Here are some popular methods of printing you should know:

  • Screen printing

It is the popular method to print a design on to a t-shirt. It can produce the durable and long lasting result. However, it is not a suitable option for t shirt printing bulk technique as the limitation of color options and graphic sizes.

  • Heat transfer

It is also popular. This method is easy to customize and can provide full color prints. Unfortunately, the patches can fade, peel and crack. It is uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin and not suitable for bulk printing project.

  • Direct to garment (DTG)

It is the best method compared to the previous ones, seen from the quality aspect. The process can be done easily as it relies on a special modified digital printer. This machine can print any design or image directly on to the garment. It is a suitable method to work on t shirt printing bulk order. However, customers seem to have no chance for asking a big discount since the machine is expensive and the quality of this printing technique is high.

So, what are you waiting? You can gain prospective earning from this t shirt press business, if you can pick up the right method of printing.